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|image = Miun-Gei.png
|image = Miun-Gei.png
|race = [[Argonian (Morrowind)|Argonian]]
|race = [[Argonian (Morrowind)|Argonian]]

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Miun-Gei is an Argonian enchanter and merchant who resides at his shop in the Foreign Quarter of Vivec. Although not a member of any factions, he has connections to the Dark Brotherhood.


A Contact in the Dark Brotherhood

The Nerevarine can find out that he is associating with the Dark Brotherhood (specifically with DB member, Tsrazami) by going into his downstairs living quarters and find a note from DB member Tsrazami in his chest of drawers. Consequently, the DB agent Tsrazami is operating out of the same canton in Vivec, on the top of the canton in the plaza. If asked her about her profession, with sufficient disposition she responds, "I am an assassin."

The Bad Actor

If the Nerevarine talks to Miun-Gei about the subject 'annoying fool', it begins the quest.


Bartering Gold: 1,500 Mercantile Skill: 7

Miun-Gei is a journeyman enchanter, and offers his services to all who can afford them. He also offers a variety of wares for sale.


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