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File:Mw miun-gei.jpg

Miun-Gei is an Argonian in the Elder Scrolls third game, Morrowind, living as an Enchanter in the Foreign Quarter of Vivec, but also is secretly part of the Dark Brotherhood. You can find out that he is associating with the Dark Brotherhood (specifically with DB member, Tsrazami) by going into his downstairs living quarters and find a note from DB member Tsrazami in his chest of drawers.

Consequently, the DB agent Tsrazami is operating out of the same canton in Vivec, on the top of the canton in the plaza. If you ask her about her profession, she will reward you with the answer, if she likes you enough, 'I am an assassin.'

If you talk to Miun-Gei about the subject 'annoying fool', he will complain about a nuisance of a man outside, and imply that he would appreciate it if you could get rid of him somehow.


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