The Mixing Bowl is an alchemical apparatus that has the same use and effects as a Novice mortar and pestle. The mixing bowl can be found in a few caves in the Shivering Isles. It looks just like a normal clay bowl, so be sure to check any clay bowls that you find in dungeons. This bowl is an oddity and Una Armina will pay a sum of GoldIcon for it if taken to the Museum of Oddities.

Una claims the bowl is simply unusual, and not truly odd, but accepted it as a favor to the donor. She seems particularly displeased with the bowl, and pays very little gold for it.


The Museum of OdditiesEdit

Una Armina of the Museum of Oddities asks for odd things to display in her museum. When finding an oddity go back to the Museum and Una will reward a sum of GoldIcon.


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