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Mixwater Mill is a lumber mill in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


It is located in Eastmarch, southwest of Windhelm.


Mixwater Mill is a small settlement consisting of two houses and a water mill owned by woman named Gilfre who the Dragonborn will be able to marry if they have the Amulet of Mara. Her workers left the mill to fight in the ongoing Civil War. Inside the Worker's House are a few lootable barrels and potions.


Notable items[]

  • The Marksmanship Lesson (Archery) — Inside Gilfre's House.
  • A few potions on the table to the left inside the Worker's House.
  • A bunch of ingredients (garlic and such) and a few rabbit pelts hanging to the left inside The Workers House.
  • Four salmon on Gilfre's porch.
  • Three chicken's nests with eggs to harvest outside.
  • Large amounts of Nord Mead can be found in the Workers House.

Worker's House[]

The Worker's House is a good house for low-level characters but has unsafe storage that resets either after a set amount of time or if having gone to prison.

  • Sometimes, a Dragon will spawn here.
  • Sometimes, three Revelers will walk down the path south of the mill and stand in the clearing in front of the worker's house.