"The best-known of these Star-Orphans is probably Mnemoli the Blue Star, who is associated with un-time events, and was said to be visible even in the daytime sky at the time of the Dragon Break."
Phrastus of Elinhir[src]

The Mnemoli (sometimes Mnemo-Li)[1] is a Magna-Ge or type of Magna-Ge that only appears during Dragon Breaks, frequently called "un-time" in these contexts. During this time a blue star appears in the sky, marking them as both similar and different to the other Magna-Ge.[1] The Mnemoli have been called both a single entity[1] and a group of entities.[2]

The Mnemoli's association with Dragon Breaks mean that they can be used to perform specific acts during a Dragon Break, which have been implied to be part of how the Selectives split Akatosh from Auri-El.[3]

The Mnemoli are acknowledged by few cultures on Tamriel, with only the Psijic Order giving them much regard; they are noted to be the cause of a pilgrimage to Veloth for them during Dragon Breaks.[UL 1] However, they may be held in reverence by the Magna-Ge themselves, who potentially consider their state of being outside of time one of "harmony."[UL 2] They are referred to as the "keepers of the Elder Scrolls."[UL 3]


"Each event is preceded by prophecy. But, without the hero, there is no event."
Zurin Arctus[src]

The Mnemoli function as the writers of the Elder Scrolls. They do this by collecting the "songs" produced by the music of Nirn. They shape these songs into realities that can be written into the Elder Scrolls. The Mnemoli then distribute these in the Elder Scrolls as possible realities.[UL 3] However, as not all of the possible realities work together without contradicting, they must be validated by the Hero-Event function described by Zurin Arctus.[4]. However, this theory is in direct contradiction with the contents of the book Pension of the Ancestor Moth. By partaking in the creation of Nirn, the Mnemoli became Aedra. And as the aforementioned book reads, the Elder Scrolls "exceed both Aedra and Daedra"[5], making it impossible for the Mnemoli to have written the Elder Scrolls.


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