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"I'm the Fighters Guild Champion, Modryn Oreyn. I don't believe we've met."
―Modryn Oreyn[src]

Modryn Oreyn is the Champion of the Fighters Guild in Cyrodiil. He can be found in his home in the city of Chorrol. He is a rather sharp speaker, quick to irritate and anger, but fiercely loyal to the Fighters Guild, and proud of the members that show skill and competence. He has little tolerance for members who would tarnish its reputation, or those he deems as a threat to the Guild, whether it is a single member or an entire chapter, as one worth looking over carefully.

Background[edit | edit source]

"That Modryn Oreyn has got no sense of humor. Hell of a warrior, though. No wonder he's done so well in the Fighters Guild."
―Rumors in Chorrol[src]

Oreyn's part in the Fighters Guild questline begins with a mission: a wizard named Argoth arranges for the retrieval of an artifact from a warrior named Azani Blackheart. The mission goes awry, with only five of the twenty men returning. In the escape, Vitellus Donton, one of the Fighters Guild head Vilena Donton's two sons, is slain, trying to defend the group as they flee.

Oreyn tries to investigate the matter, discovering later that the Blackwood Company managed to complete the mission. He finds this hard to believe, as he is unconvinced of any particular skill on the part of the Blackwood Company, and surmises that something is amiss.

He keeps a vigil over Vilena's remaining son, Viranus Donton, providing the young warrior with obscure contracts to keep the boy sharp, skilled and confident, while keeping it secret from his mother, at one point pairing him up with the Hero. At the same time, Oreyn finds that the Blackwood Company seems to be taking over many jobs, leaving some Fighters Guild members to lounge while waiting for some form of money, and even losing members, who favour the growing business of Blackwood.

When it becomes too suspicious, and apparent that the Hero is a little more than just skilled, he investigates further into the Blackwood Company. The wizard Argoth turns up dead, and the artifact missing, leading Oreyn to believe that the mission may well have been a setup. To expose Blackwood as frauds, he and the Hero go to find and slay Azani Blackheart, who is rumoured to be holed up at the Ayleid ruins of Arpenia. Upon arrival, there is no sign of anyone, save for a few rats and mudcrabs, confirming Oreyn's suspicions that Blackheart and Blackwood struck a deal, with the latter weaving a story at the expense of the Fighters Guild to build their reputation, while Blackheart keeps his artifact and simultaneously thins the ranks of the Guild. After slaying Blackheart with the Hero's aid, he returns to the Fighter's Guild.

Later, Oreyn sends Viranus on yet another contract, with a group of guild members, but loses contact with them. The Hero reveals that all of them died, though it is apparent that the Blackwood Company is responsible. Oreyn is expelled from the guild due to Viranus' death, but remains loyal, conducting investigations on Blackwood on his own in order to bring them down.

Once the Hero manages to reclaim their rank, Oreyn speaks with them. When the Hero manages to capture Ajum-Kajin, one of the Blackwood's leaders, and interrogate him the two find that Blackwood is over 100 men strong, and that its leader is Ri'Zakar, but Ajum kills himself with an enchanted ring before he can reveal the secret behind Blackwood's strength.

As a result, Oreyn sends the Hero to infiltrate Blackwood. He later finds the Hero unconscious in Leyawiin. The Hero informs Oreyn that Hist Sap, a powerful narcotic, is being produced and is responsible for the berserker-like characteristic of the Blackwood Company fighters. As a dangerous side effect, the hist sap causes delusions, which explains the Blackwood Company's indiscriminate killing. After the Hist Tree is destroyed, Vilena Donton steps down as Guildmaster, and Oreyn becomes assistant to the Hero, who takes Vilena's place.

When asked to become the Guild's second in command, Oreyn at first appears hesitant, and says that he is getting into retirement and that his art is becoming quite good. The Hero can look behind Oreyn to see his picture depicting the interrogation of Ajum Kajin, which looks like it was painted by a very small child. However, after a few moments thought, he reconsiders, sarcastically (though perhaps good-naturedly) remarking that the guild might well fall around the Hero's ears without Oreyn to keep them in line. After this, Oreyn becomes second-in-command, carrying out the Hero's orders and managing the guild in their absence.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"You're not afraid of trouble, are you? You'd like the Fighters Guild."

Chorrol "Those Odiil boys ought to know better. Leave troubles like that to the town guard. That's what they're paid for. Odiil boys say creatures of some sort are attacking their farm. Went off on their own to stop them. Poor father's worried sick."
Show: Unfinished Business
In the Chorrol Fighters Guild:

"What do you want? I suppose you've come looking for duties, huh?"

Duties "Duties for you. Fine. I'll speak slowly so you can keep up. I want you to contact Maglir."
Maglir "He's one of your Fighters Guild brothers, but he's defaulted on a contract. We can't allow that. Makes us all look bad."
Defaulted "He didn't finish out a contract in Skingrad. Suppose I shouldn't be surprised. He's raw, like you. Go and find out what's wrong with him."
Maglir "Yes. Maglir. Find him. See why he defaulted. I swear, I've scraped things off the bottom of my boots that were smarter than you."

"Don't just stand there. Move."

After talking with Maglir:

"Why are you talking to me? Shouldn't you be finding Maglir?"

Defaulted "He's not doing the job? The little vermin. It still needs to be done. You get back there and make sure that job is finished! Get moving!"

After completing the contract:

"Why are you talking to me? Shouldn't you be finding Maglir?"

Maglir "So, I assume you've dealt with Maglir. Tell me about why he defaulted on his contract."
Defaulted "You've got the journal. Good. So, what happened in Skingrad?"
He didn't default. Here's the journal. "He didn't? Hmph. This doesn't sit well with me. Not well at all. Still, the job got done. Let's hope your friend Maglir has learned a lesson here."
I completed the task. Here's the journal. "You did it? I'll be talking to Maglir soon. I don't need one wet-ear covering for another. Still, the job got done. Here's the reward."
Show: Drunk and Disorderly
In the Chorrol Fighters Guild:

"Back again, huh? What is it?"

Duties "Back for more work, are you? Good. Some of our boys are causing trouble in Leyawiin. Looks bad for the guild."
Causing trouble "Some of your brothers have been getting rowdy at the local tavern. I've got no problem with cutting loose, but I don't like it when we all look bad. You're looking for Rellian, Vantus Prelius, and Dubok gro-Shagk. I haven't had any trouble with them before, so find out what's going on."

"I'll be waiting."

After talking to Vantus Prelius:

"I'm looking for results from you. What have you found out?"

Duties "Fine. You know what's wrong. How about you go and fix it? NOW!!!"

"I'll be waiting."

After completing the contract:

"I'm looking for results from you. What have you found out?"

Causing trouble "The Blackwood Company has taken that much of a foothold in Leyawiin. Those sons of.... Never mind. You've done your job. Here's your payment for it."
Duties "I don't have anything for you right now. Speak with Azzan or gro-Kash. Get some more seasoning, and maybe I'll have something. Or, perhaps you're ready for advancement."
Duties "I assume you've taken care of this issue. So, tell me what happened. Why were our men causing trouble? And what did you do?"
Show: The Master's Son
In the Chorrol Fighters Guild:

Duties "I've got another job for you, slightly off the record. You'll be going on a mission with Viranus Donton. Yes -- the Guildmaster's son."

Viranus Donton "You're to accompany him, and make sure he succeeds. He needs some time in the field, to get his confidence up, or he'll never become a good warrior. Vilena coddles the boy too much. Doesn't want him in the line of fire. Suppose it's no surprise after Vitellus."
Confidence "His mother's been holding him back, protecting him. You'll go to Nonwyll Cavern with him. Galtus Previa was lost there, and you're to find him. And not a word of this to the Guildmaster! Go find him. He'll be in the Donton house, most likely. And bring him back in one piece!"
Galtus Previa "We got the contract from his aunt. Was in Nonwyll looking for gems of some sort. Never heard from again. You and Viranus go find him."
Vitellus Donton "Vilena Donton's eldest son. Good man. We lost him on a botched mission recently. You've probably seen the other wounded around. If you're smart, you'll steer clear of the subject around the Guildmaster. Perhaps you and I will have time to discuss it more later."

"Time's wasting."

If approached again:

"What is it? You've got duties to attend to."

After going to Viranus:

"You and Viranus have business to attend to. Why are you wasting time here?"

Duties "You and Viranus are to go to Nonwyll and find out what happened to Galtus Previa. Now get to it."

"Time's wasting."

When returning:

"You're back. What have you found out about Galtus Previa's disappearance?"

Galtus Previa "Dead? Damn! What got him?"
There were creatures inside. "I suppose that's it, then. Odd that there weren't creatures around the body, though, and that it hadn't been eaten. I'll pay Donton for his contract, and I've got this for you. Good work getting him back in one piece. I might make a real soldier of you yet."
There were creatures inside. (Only if the Broken Shield was taken) "Could be that. But you said the corpse was intact. Nothing had dined on the gem-hunter. Something doesn't sit right with me about this."
I found this shield near the corpse. "Let me see that. Interesting. The symbols on it are familiar to me. I'll be looking into this."
What is it? "Nothing we need to talk about now. I'll pay Viranus for his contract. This is for you. Who knows. I might be able to make soldiers out of you both."
Anything else? "That's all. For now. Good job, though. You got Viranus home safe, and I think it'll do him good. I'll pay him for the contract, and this for you."
I found this shield near the corpse. (Only if the Broken Shield was taken) "Let me see that. Interesting. The symbols on it are familiar to me. I'll be looking into this."
What is it? "Nothing we need to talk about now. I'll pay Viranus for his contract. This is for you. Who knows. I might be able to make soldiers out of you both."
Anything else? "That's all. For now. Good job, though. You got Viranus home safe, and I think it'll do him good. I'll pay him for the contract, and this for you."
Show: More Unfinished Business
In the Chorrol Fighters Guild:

"You again. Fine. I imagine you're looking for work from me."

Duties "I'm going to need you to find Maglir again. The little fetcher."
Defaulted "Wish I knew what happened. He had a contract for a local mage in Bravil. Didn't seem like a particularly difficult assignment. He hasn't reported to the client at all. Get yourself down to Bravil and find Maglir. Make sure that contract of his gets done. And send him to me."
Maglir "That's right. The little vermin has defaulted on another contract. I need you to go babysit him again."

"Stop staring at me. Let's get to work."

If approached again:

"What is it? You were supposed to find Maglir."

After discovering Maglir joined the Blackwood Company:

"What's the story on Maglir and his contract?"
"Yes? I assume you've spoken to that lout Maglir?"

Maglir "The little bastard! We took him in when no one else would. This is how he repays us? Talk to Aryarie in Bravil. She's our client. Do the job."

After getting Aryarie's contract:

"What is it? Shouldn't you be taking care of Maglir's contract?"

Maglir "Take care of this contract. We'll discuss him later."

After completing the contract:

"What is it? Shouldn't you be taking care of Maglir's contract?"

Maglir "I can't believe we lost another to that bunch. Well done taking care of the contract, though. We can't afford to lose any of them, these days. Here's your payment for completion of the contract. I think it's time for us to discuss the Blackwood Company a bit."
Talk about Blackwood Company "They weren't always a threat. Small scale mercenary band, until Ri'Zakar took over. Then came the fat Imperial contracts. After a mission in Black Marsh, they set up shop in Leyawiin. More ruthless than ever. It needs investigating. First, though, you need advancement."
Show: Azani Blackheart
In the Chorrol Fighters Guild:

Duties "I've got something for you, but we're not going to talk about it here. I want you to meet me at my house after sundown. We'll talk more then."

Duties "We'll talk later. Meet me at my house after dark."


In Moderyn's house:

"Good. You're here. We've got duties to attend to."

Blackwood Company "I've been looking into them. Heard some disturbing things. We know they're a danger to us. And we know they're good at what they do."
Why are they so effective? "Good question. I've heard stories, but nothing I can prove is true. Maybe they've got a mage working with them. Maybe they're just well trained. All I know for sure is that they'll accept any contract, and they'll do anything to complete it. And they don't care who gets in the way."
Why haven't we stopped them? "Vilena's gotten tentative since the Blackheart mission. She's worried about getting us killed. But we're just getting killed a little bit at a time."
Azani Blackheart "That mission was the start of it. That was when Vitellus was killed. We were contracted by a wizard, Argoth, to recover an artifact from Blackheart. I went in there with twenty men. I left with five. Vitellus wasn't one of them. He died covering our retreat."
And the Blackwood Company...? "I snooped around. Apparently, they completed that contract for us. I went in there with twenty good men. I can't believe that bunch finished the job. There's more. Argoth -- he's dead, the artifact gone. Sounds like a set-up. Maybe they made a deal with Blackheart. I don't know. But I'll find out."
So, what now? "Now we find out what really happened. And we let it be known. I want to show the people who the Blackwood Company really are. I can't order you do this with me. It's dangerous, and Vilena isn't going to know about it. It's your choice."
I'm in. "We leave as soon as you're ready. I want to investigate Blackheart's stronghold at Arpenia. Meet me at the Leyawiin guild hall. We'll go from there."
Azani Blackheart "We need to find out what happened with him. It's all suspicious to me."
I won't do it. "I'm sorry to hear that. Sooner or later, the contracts are going to dry up. Maybe then you'll reconsider."
Duties "Duty. That's what all this is about, isn't it? The Blackwood Company is destroying us. They steal our contracts; they steal our members. It's our duty to strike back. We need to make a move against them. And we need to do it now."

"Let's go."

If denied to aid at first:

"I need your help now. Have you made up your mind?"

If approached again:

"Meet me at the Fighters Guild in Leyawiin. We've got work to do."

In the Leyawiin Fighters Guild:

"We need to check out Arpenia. Come on. I'll follow you."

At Arpenia:

"Let's look around."

After looking around:

"Nothing! I knew it! Azani Blackheart isn't here, alive or dead."

Azani Blackheart "The bastards! There was no battle. Azani must have made a deal with the Blackwood Company. My guess is that they paid him off. They get the weapon for Argoth, collect the payment, and tell Azani where the mage is. Easy for Blackheart to retrieve the weapon and collect on it."
What do we do now? "We find Blackheart and get that weapon. We'll finish this contract and let all of Cyrodiil know what happened here. Blackheart has a fascination with these Ayleid ruins. There's one northeast of here, Atatar. My bet is that he moved his base there. I'll lead."

"We'll show them."

If approached again:

"We don't have time to talk. I want to find Blackheart. What do you need?"

At Atatar:

"He's here somewhere. I know it."

After killing Azani Blackheart:

"Azani Blackheart is dead, and our brothers avenged."

Azani Blackheart "Dead, finally. Good work. Did you retrieve his ring? I want that as proof that the Blackwood Company didn't defeat him."
Azani Blackheart "It's good we've killed him. I'll need his ring as proof that we did the job."
Blackheart's Ring "Get the ring for me. We'll need it as proof."

"We'll be talking."

After taking the ring:

"His ring. Have you pried it from the coward's corpse?"

Blackheart's Ring "You've got it. Good. I'll use it to prove it was we, not the Blackwood Company, who killed him. Good work on this. Now, get out of here. I'm going to head back to Chorrol. When there's more to do, I'll let you know."

"Stay with it."

Show: Trolls of Forsaken Mine
In the Chorrol Fighters Guild:

Duties "I've got another job for you. It's a sensitive one. I need you to find Viranus Donton."

Viranus Donton "I sent him on a mission to Forsaken Mine. He and some others were supposed to clear the place of trolls. Haven't heard back from them in days. I want you to go check it out. I don't need to tell you how sensitive a matter this is. Get moving, and report back to me as soon as possible."
Forsaken Mine "We'd been contracted to clear the place of trolls. It was a tough job, but I felt the men I sent were up to it. I want to know what happened."

"You can do it."

If approached again:

"Why are you here talking to me? I need you to go investigate the Forsaken Mine. And now!"

After clearing Forsaken Mine:

"You're back. What have you found out?"

Viranus Donton "Dead? It can't be! What happened? You didn't think to find some evidence? Get back there. Find out what went wrong, dammit!"
Viranus Donton (After picking up the bloody journal) "Dead? Dead! What happened? A journal? Let me see that... Blackwood Company! Bastards! Rank amateurs! I don't like to think how Vilena is going to take this news. He was my responsibility. I'll be the one to tell her. I want you to lay low for a while. Talk to Azzan or gro-Khash. Let me deal with Vilena. You've still got a career ahead of you."
Show: Information Gathering
In Modryn Oreyn's House:

Duties "These certainly won't be official duties. Fact is, you'll likely be expelled from the Guild if Vilena gets wind of the fact that you're here. And I've already been expelled. Doesn't mean I'm done, though. I'm taking down the Blackwood Company, and I want your help doing it."
Blackwood Company "To bring them down, I need more information. My sources tell me they're trying to expand, and they've set up camp in Glademist Cave. I want you to go there and capture Ajum-Kajin, one of their leaders. Bring him back to me. I'd like to spend some time... talking to him."

Ajum Kajin "He's the one in charge of this expansion. I know he's a high-ranking member of the group. An Argonian mage, from what I hear. Go get him!"

"Go get him."

If approached again:

"What is it? You need to go get Ajum-Kajin."

After getting Ajum-Kajin:

"You've got him. Let's talk about Ajum-Kajin."

Ajum Kajin "You've brought him back. Good. I want to know the size of their forces, and who is leading them. I also want to know the source of their strength. Do what you must to make him talk. If you can smooth talk him, fine. If you need to rough him up, so be it. But don't kill him. We need him to talk. Now, go tell him to sit down. If he tries to get up, I'll kill him myself."
Blackwood Company "I need you to find Ajum-Kajin and bring him back to me. I want to talk to him."

"Work until he talks. Try not to kill him."
"Make him sing."

If Ajum is killed:

"Since you managed to make a mess of the interrogation, we've got extra work to do if we're going to stop the Blackwood Company."

After the interrogation:

"Damn. Killed himself. Must have had some sort of magic item we didn't notice."

Ajum Kajin "You got some information out of him, which is good. We can use it. Here, take this. It might help you some time."
Show: Infiltration
In Modryn Oreyn's House:

"We've got some work to do if we're going to stop the Blackwood Company."

Duties (If Ajum was killed) "We obviously didn't get enough information from the Argonian. I want you to infiltrate them. See how they work from the inside."
Duties "While the information we got from the Argonian was valuable, we need more. I want you to infiltrate them. See how they work from the inside."
Infiltrate "I want you to get to Leyawiin and join the Blackwood Company. Find the secret of their success. You'll be on your own. Steer clear of me and all of your Fighters Guild brothers. It'll be rough going, but you can do it."

"Good luck."

If approached again:

"I need you to get down to Leyawiin and infiltrate the Blackwood Company."

After joining the company:

"I don't want to talk to you, traitor."

After clearing Water's Edge:

"Good. You're finally awake. I was beginning to get a bit concerned about you."

What happened? "That's what I was getting ready to ask you. You were found unconscious on the streets in Leyawiin. Some of your Guild brothers found you and brought you to me. Good to see some of them think like we do. Now, what happened out there?"
Hist Sap "They're using Hist Sap? And they claim to have brought a tree into Cyrodiil? Amazing. I can't imagine what the sap might do to non-Argonians. I'm not surprised you were found the way you were. I imagine those men have built up a tolerance to the stuff. I'm concerned about Water's Edge. I want you to go back there. Make sure the Company hasn't ousted the residents. Lay low."
Hist Sap "Amazing. And insane. I'll look into it further."
Waters Edge "I'm worried about those people. The Blackwood Company can't be trusted with their lives and homes. Get there and look into it."

"I'll wait here."

If approached again:

"I want you to get back to Water's Edge. Make sure the Blackwood Company hasn't forced those residents out."

After checking on Water's Edge:

"Well, what did you find at Water's Edge?"

Waters Edge "No. The entire town... I realize you must be disgusted with yourself. I'm sorry for that. It was the Hist Sap, though, not you. We now know the threat this group poses. Perhaps better than they themselves know it. We must take decisive action now."
Show: The Hist
In Modryn Oreyn's House:

"It is time for decisive action. I have one more duty for you to perform."

Duties "It is clear to me what must be done. The Hist tree must be destroyed."
Hist Tree "This tree is the source of our problems. It is an abomination of nature, and it must be destroyed. As long as the Blackwood Company has access to the sap, we are all in danger. I fear they no longer know what they do. You must find a way to destroy the Hist, though I can imagine Ri'Zakar will have it well guarded. Expect an unfriendly welcome at their hall."
Ri'Zakar "He's a warrior, a battle-hardened mercenary who's spent time all over Tamriel. He'll keep his prize tree locked away. You'll need to find his key."

"Finish it."

If approached again:

"I need you in Leyawiin to take care of that Hist. What is it you need?"

After taking down the Blackwood Company:

"Have you done it? Have you destroyed that foul tree?"

Hist Tree "Well done! With that tree gone, the Blackwood Company is just another band of mercenaries. Cyrodiil is a safer place for what you've done. I want you to take this. May it serve you well. Now, you should tell Vilena Donton what has happened. Perhaps she will understand what it is we have done. I believe our work is now finished. You are a fine soldier, my friend. You've made me proud."
Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw "It belonged to an ancestor, Oreyn Bearclaw, but was lost for centuries. It was found only when Malacath wrongly believed my family line ended. It was returned to me by a stranger from my homeland, Morrowind. Wear it proudly. Perhaps you can help restore the glory of my family's name."

"Tell her right away."

After talking to Vilena Donton:

"So? What happened?"
"Did you speak with Vilena? How did she react?"

Advancement "Ha! Made you Guildmaster? Amazing. You earned it, though you'll likely muck it all up. So, what are you going to do with your newfound rank?"
Make you my second-in-command. "Me? Pah! I was just getting used to being retired. You can see how good my painting is getting. I'm an old man. I've done my time. Then again... someone has to keep you in line. Make sure you don't bring the Guild down around our ears. I'll do it... Guildmaster. Just come to me when you want to assign duties to the Guild. I'll make sure they get done."
Duties "Well, you're in charge. You won't be doing the contracts, but the Master is always paid a percentage of the Guild's monthly take. Check with me monthly to give orders for the month. I'll make it happen. If I don't hear from you, I'll follow the previous month's orders. You can find your monthly stipend in the Master's Chest upstairs, along with anything we find that you might find useful. Here's the key. So, what are your first orders, Guildmaster?"
Focus on recruitment. "Not a bad idea. We can use more men in the ranks. It has its advantages. It gives the guild a greater presence. Makes people notice. Plus, members often find items in their travels they can't use, and they leave them here for other members to use. Sometimes there's nice stuff."
Focus on getting contracts. "Works for me. More contracts keep the men busy and out of trouble. It also helps bring in more gold, which benefits us all. When more men are out there completing contracts, we all make more money. Including you. I'll get on it."
Focus on both equally. "That's fine. We'll still get some solid revenue, and pick up some new recruits along the way. Not a bad strategy. More revenue means more gold in all our pockets. More men means that we're likely to have more spare equipment around here."
"I've got my orders for now. Check back in a month or so, and we can talk about what to do next."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
"We don't have time to talk. I want to find Blackheart. What do you need?"
"You again. Fine. I imagine you're looking for work from me."
"Why are you here talking to me? I need you to go investigate the Forsaken Mine. And now!"
"Damn. Killed himself. Must have had some sort of magic item we didn't notice."
"I love being in the guild. There's money to be made. If you'd like to join up, let me know."
"Report, soldier."
"Master... I'll never get used to saying that. What can I do for you?"
"He's what??? That little lump of guar dung! You get back to Bravil and take care of that contract. I need to think about this."
"More revenue means more gold in all our pockets. More men means that we're likely to have more spare equipment around here."
"Haven't written me off yet, huh? Good. If you're willing, there's more work to be done."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Malacath's quest in Morrowind, the Nerevarine was tasked with killing the last members of the Oreyn family. Malacath believed the family was dead, but Modryn Oreyn is a descendant of this family, meaning Malacath was wrong.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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