"Darling! I've been waiting for you to return, to consummate our love!"


Moira is a hagraven who lives in Witchmist Grove.


A Night to RememberEdit

Upon talking to Ysolda as part of the quest, the Dragonborn will find out that a marriage proposal was made to a woman met while intoxicated. After seeking the woman out, Moira turns out to be a Hagraven, and says that she is waiting to consummate the promised marriage. When asked to return the wedding ring, she becomes hostile, claiming that the Dragonborn wishes to give the ring to "that hussy Esmerelda with the dark feathers."


A Night to RememberEdit

"Darling! I've been waiting for you to return, to consummate our love!"

Umm... Actually, I was hoping to get the ring back. "What? You want it for that hussy Esmerelda, with the dark feathers - don't you? I won't let her have you!"

(If the Dragonborn exits the conversation with her)

"We're not done talking. You fell for that hussy Esmerelda, with the dark feathers - didn't you? I won't let her have you!"


  • "You can't have the ring back! You made a commitment!"


  • If Witchmist Grove is not visited during the quest, and is travelled to after it, she will be standing outside the shack and will not be hostile. She cannot be talked to and will have the Wedding Ring in her inventory.
  • Sometimes, she may not even be encountered. Instead, Ysolda will direct the Dragonborn to a tower full of mages to kill before a portal appears to transport them to the wedding reception to meet Sanguine.
  • Moira may send hired thugs after the Dragonborn if anything is stolen from her, or if her sister Anise is killed. This may occur even if the Dragonborn has not stolen anything from her or killed her sister.


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  •  PC   PS3   Sometimes, when killing Moira without even speaking to her and taking the ring from her corpse, returning the ring to Ysolda does not work; even though the mission step tells that is the next step in the quest.


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