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Molag Amur is a region of Vvardenfell, located between the Ashlands and Azura's Coast.

Description[edit | edit source]

It is a desolate expanse of hardened lava flows, ravines, and fields of ash. Travel is difficult, and ashstorms frequently strike the area. Parts of the region are considered impassable, even by the Ashlanders. The stronghold of Molag Mar, and the isolated Erabenimsun Camp, are the only inhabited sites. There are Tribunal Temple pilgrimage sites at Mount Assarnibibi and Mount Kand. Molag Amur consists almost entirely of a confusing maze of foyadas. The dangers of Molag Amur are considerable; it is one of the areas most likely to be stricken by ash storms, and is a prime habitat of such creatures as cliff racers, shalks, and other hardy creatures such as alit. Due to this, and its winding labyrinthine passages, travelers can easily get lost or come under attack.

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