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The Waistworks is a commercial district of Molag Mar in the Molag Amur region of Morrowind. This interior area of the city contains two floors, and is accessible from multiple entrances in the canalworks and the city proper. It is a dark and eerily quiet part of the city, void of both citizens and guards.


The north and south ends of the waistworks contain long hallways that run east-west from one side of the city to the other. The Pilgrim's Rest inn is located along the north hall.

The sound of running water is met at the center of the upper level, which contains corner waterfalls produced by the city's drainage system. A terrace overlooks the lower floor of the waistworks. The Armiger's Stronghold and a Smith are located to the west, while the Trader's shop is situated to the east.

Four flights of stairs (two on each side) lead to the lower level, which contains two doors to the city's canalworks. A pair of narrow hallways allow access to the central area. The walls here are covered in tapestries and it contains a decorative circular centerpiece with a large rock, Scathecraw Plant, and a few Fire Ferns. Tables, chairs, and urns surround the centerpiece.


The following locations are situated in the Molag Mar waistworks:


The following items are located in the waistworks:

  • Fire Fern (x3)
  • Scathecraw
  • Random ingredients in two urns
  • Miscellaneous items (bottles, tankards)



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