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Molag Mar is a town, fortress and pilgrimage rest site which guards the Molag Amur region in southeastern Morrowind

A main feature of Molag Mar is its temple. It is one of the temples to which Nerevarine can teleport using Almsivi Intervention. Molag Mar resembles the city of Vivec City in the respects that it is physically a canton building and is patrolled by the Ordinators. However, it should be noted that the top of Molag Mar is open air, unlike the domed cantons of Vivec City. Molag Mar also has a slaver presence. The slaver's yard is a market located directly opposite from the Temple.

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The Whistler is operated by Rindral Dralor and provides service to Hla Oad, Tel Branora, and Vivec.

Silt Strider[edit | edit source]

The silt strider is operated by Dilami Androm and provides service to Suran and Vivec.

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