Mollimo of Cloudrest is an Altmer warrior and member of House Telvanni residing in Tel Branora, Morrowind.


A Bounty for Trerayna DalenEdit

Mollimo asks the Nerevarine to kill Trerayna Dalen for a hefty reward.


Greeting Outlander. Would you like to earn some gold? Take care of Trerayna Dalen for me. She's a petty annoyance, but Mistress Therana won't let me leave the tower to take care of her. Don't be fooled by her thugs. The armor is impressive, but there's not much inside it. Kill Trerayna Dalen, and I'll pay you 1000 gold.

After Trerayna is killed Well done, outlander. I can report to my mistress that Trerayna Dalen is no longer a problem. I'll mention your name... for what it's worth. Here's your gold. And my thanks.


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