Molten Weapons is a Dragonknight active skill in the Earthen Heart skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Increases weapon damage of nearby allies by 1 for 45 seconds. Bonus is increased by 100% on caster. (Level 1)



  • It is unlocked at Earthen Heart rank 4.


Igneous WeaponsEdit

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  • Update 6: Using a heavy attack while this ability is active will increase its duration by one second.[1]
  • Update 7: Increased the bonus duration to 2 seconds from 1 second.[2]
  • Update 9: This morph will now grant you and your allies the Major Brutality buff for 30 seconds, in addition to the Major Sorcery buff.[3]

Molten ArmamentEdit

  • [?]
  • Update 6: This ability now increases the extra damage against low health targets.[1]
  • Update 7: This ability now only grants its bonus to fully-charged heavy attacks, and now displays a fire-impact graphical effect when you hit a target at less than 50% health with a fully-charged heavy attack.[2]
  • Update 9: This morph now increases your own fully-charged Heavy Attack damage by 40% for 30 seconds in addition to granting the Major Sorcery buff.[3]
  • Update 9: This morph will now apply the fully-charged Heavy Attack damage bonus to Lightning Staff and Restoration Staves.[3]


  • Update 5: When a second Dragonknight casts this ability, a first caster of the ability no longer loses their caster ability bonus.[4]
  • Update 6: This ability will no longer buff allies. Instead, activating Molten Weapons will increase your heavy attack damage by 40% for 7 seconds. The duration increases with each additional rank.[1]
  • Update 6: Slightly reduced the cost of Molten Weapons and its morphs.[1]
  • Update 7: This ability will now only grant a bonus for fully-charged heavy attacks instead of partially-charged attacks.[2]
  • Update 9: This ability and its morphs now applies a 30-second Major Sorcery buff for you and nearby allies.[3]



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