Moment of Truth is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Dugroth was sent by his mother to prove his courage. He'd like me to help him.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Help Dugroth Find His Sword.
  2. Recover Dugroth's Sword
  3. Talk to Dugroth
  4. Kill Deathfang with or without Dugroth
  5. Talk to Dugroth
  6. Tell Dugroth to follow his passion to be a blacksmith or be a warrior as his mother's wish.
  7. Complete the quest


Dugroth is not so happy as his mother has sent him out to kill a monster. He thinks he cannot do it. He hates violence, and would rather make weapons instead. However, he promised his mother to give it a try. Now the problem is that he has misplaced his sword. He asks for help to find it.

Head in the direction the marker go and down by the beach the Vestige will find a sword, stuck into the ground. Go and talk to Dugroth, he will be nearby the beach. Just seeing his father's old sword fills him with courage and he thinks he can manage this. He has prepared the bait, his mother says the beast will not come out of the water without it being placed on the beach.


Dugroth says that now they will lure the beast out and kill it? He is sure this will prove his courage to his mother. The monster, Deathfang, soon comes out of the water, a large wormlike creature and it attacks immediately. But Dugroth's fears overcomes him as he run away at once and the Vestige will have to kill the monster alone.

When Deathfang is defeated, go and find Dugroth who is hiding on the beach nearby. He had lost his sword again, pick it up on the way to him. He is excited that the sword was found once again. He does want to be a warrior and make mother proud but he also loves smithing. He asks the Vestige for advice. Choose one option and complete the quest.


  • 73–302 GoldIcon


  • If the choice made is to tell him to follow his dreams, he can later be seen as a smith's apprentice in the marketplace at Port Hunding.


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  • Dugroth may keep standing in front of the statue, making it impossible to find his sword. Quitting the game completely and logging in again may fix this.
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