Monarch Butterflies fly around just above the ground and are one of many insects found living in Skyrim.

To catch one, walk up to it and 'harvest' them in the same way that other ingredients are harvested. Two butterfly wings are collected and added to the Dragonborn's inventory.


Monarch Butterflies may be found in temperate areas of Skyrim. A good place to look is the tundra around Whiterun, in daylight, during fair weather. In particular the area from Chillfurrow Farm east to the river will often spawn 6 or 9 or more butterflies. Note that most spawn points spawn a random combination of Blue Butterflies and Monarch Butterflies. Butterflies most commonly spawn in groups of three, and unlike plants will respawn fairly quickly if the player moves away after collecting them. These locations are the same areas where Torchbugs and Luna Moths may be found in the early nighttime hours. Several such places are near the Honningbrew Meadery or Whitewatch Tower. The butterflies are also frequently found in clearings and groves.


  • The butterfly's wings are reversed from the way they should be; the pointed wings are supposed to be near the insect's head.


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