Monastery Sentry is an Altmer residing outside the Monastery of Serene Harmony in the city of Shimmerene, Summerset.


The Queen's DecreeEdit

Razum-dar sends the Vestige to investigate the Monastery of Serene Harmony in Shimmerene. He is able to distract the sentry in front of the building so that the Vestige can slip inside.


The Queen's DecreeEdit

Razum-dar: "Sentry! Raz owes you for that game of cards and has come to pay!"
Monastery Sentry: "Huh? I don't recall any ... you say I won some gold?"
Razum-dar: "Don't you remember? Raz always pays his debts. And he always buys the drinks!"
Monastery Sentry: "Gold and drinks? Well, my relief should be along soon, so why not!"



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