"The monks of the Serene Harmony Monastery stand as the most renowned "Aednavorith" scholars in all of Summerset. The study of genealogy and ancestry remains a subject of endless interest to all High Elves."
―Monastery of Serene Harmony Loading Screen[src]

The Monastery of Serene Harmony, also referred to as the Serene Harmony Monastery, is a large chapel that appears in the city of Shimmerene, Summerset.


Monastery Undercroft Entrance

Entrance to the Monastery Undercroft.

Monastery UndercroftEdit

An entrance to the Monastery Undercroft can be found by walking down the eastern staircase in the monastery. The Undercroft as a whole includes several smaller sublocations.

Undercroft PassageEdit

Inside the Undercroft Passage are several caged immigrants to the island, some of whom are deceased.

Undercroft Great HallEdit

The Undercroft Great Hall is a large two-story room with a beam of light shining down into the center. Here, newcomers to the island are being drained by a mysterious pearl guarded by hostile creatures.

Undercroft LabyrinthEdit

The Undercroft Labyrinth is a series of passageways ending with a large room with a curved staircase. At the end there is an exit that leads to the hedge maze near the Shimmerene Dockworks.


The Queen's DecreeEdit

Razum-dar asks the Vestige to ask three citizens of Shimmerene their opinions on Queen Ayrenn's decree to allow other races onto the island of Summerset. Their answers all lead to the monastery in Shimmerene.

Notable itemsEdit


Monastery of Serene Harmony
Monastery Undercroft

* These characters are quest-related and may only be present during said quest.






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