"Not now, please. Your spiritual well being can wait until after my nap."
―Monastic Nuleros[src]

Monastic Nuleros is an Altmer trying to take a nap on a bench in the Monastery of Serene Harmony in the city of Shimmerene, Summerset.


The Queen's DecreeEdit

The Vestige has been tasked with investigating the Monastery of Serene Harmony after learning of reports of "sequestered" newcomers to the island. Monastic Nuleros explains the unusual behavior of many of the monks and suggests that the newcomers may be found in the Monastery Undercroft.


The Queen's DecreeEdit

"Not now, please. Your spiritual well being can wait until after my nap."

Where can I find the people that have been sequestered? "You'll have to ask one of the monks that the new Aldarch brought with him. They deal with all the newcomer testing and evaluations. I'm just a simple monk trying to catch up on my sleep. That was a hint, by the way."
Tell me about the Aldarch and the new monks. "Aldarch Tilcalar arrived right after the Queen issued her decree. He came highly recommended by Kinlady Avinisse, or so I heard. It's not unusual for monks to form attachments and move together, but there's something strange about that bunch."
Strange? What do you mean? "The Aldarch and his monks keep to themselves. They've taken the undercroft for their own purposes and ordered the rest of us to avoid the ancient vaults beneath the monastery. Now, please, let me get back to my nap!"
Anything else I should know about this monastery? "The monastery should be a place of peace and meditation, but the Aldarch has closed us down until further notice. That means if any of the monks spot you, they'll raise the alarm. Me? I never saw you. Now if you don't mind, my nap awaits."
You must have some idea where they're sequestering the newcomers. "Again with the questions about the newcomers. Why do you care about the complexities of Altmer bureaucracy? Still, if I had to make a guess, I'd say they were taken into the undercroft for registration and processing. Now go away."


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