Moon-Sugar Medicament is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. A Khajiit mother and son need help investigating Crosstree Bandits in Hazak's Hollow. The son is addicted to Skooma, hence the 'Moon Sugar' in the title.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find Hazak's Hollow
  2. Talk to Zulana
  3. Enter Hazak's Hollow
  4. Rescue Khari
  5. Find the Key to Hazak's Lair
  6. Enter Hazak's Lair
  7. Kill Hazak
  8. Leave Hazak's lair
  9. Talk to Zulana


The Vestige must find Hazak's Hollow. They speak to Zulana. She will explain that Khari, her son, is missing. The Vestige must go inside and find Khari. They come across Crosstree Bandits inside, and must kill them.

The Vestige needs to find the key into the lair, which is on one of the bandits. They enter Hazak's lair. They must kill Hazak. Speak to Zulana to end the quest.



  • There is a note found inside the Crosstree Bandit Camp, South-West of Windcatcher Plantation, and it reads:
    • A young Khajiit wandered into camp last night, said he's looking for Hazak. If anyone asks where I am, I'm dragging this fool off to Hazak's Hollow. He'll see the boss before his head and body part ways.
    • We spotted Thalmor on the beaches. If you need me, send a runner up and around the hill. Double back to the dock near the entrance.
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