The Moon Amulet is an amulet that was stolen from Kharjo, one of the bodyguards of a Khajiit caravan, by bandits.

Upon locating the amulet, Kharjo becomes available as a follower.

The quest to retrieve the amulet, called "Amulet of the Moon," is radiant. As such, it may send the Dragonborn to a random bandit camp or a cave to obtain it.


  • If sent to Broken Oar Grotto to retrieve the amulet, it can be found in the chest in the submerged longboat next to Captain Hargar headquarters.
  • If sent to White River Watch to retrieve the amulet, it can be found in the chest on the outlook.
  • If sent to Frostmere Crypt to retrieve the amulet, it will be in the sub-dungeon Frostmere Depths, in a chest northwest of the Word Wall for Ice Form, up a set of stairs and to the left of the door back into the Frostmere Crypt.
  • If sent to Embershard Mine, it will be in the Chest in the first locked room you come to shortly after entering.


  • Kharjo says that the caravan was ambushed, and one of the "marauders" managed to steal his Moon Amulet, and those "bandits" are believed to be headquartered at a given location. However, one of these possible locations is Gallows Rock, which is not occupied by bandits but by the Silver Hand.
  • If Dragonborn is installed, Kharjo may send the Dragonborn to one of the Reaver camps in Solstheim.
  • If the amulet is kept and the objective remains active, the quest marker leading to Kharjo can be used to track down the caravan at any time.


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