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Moorside Inn is an inn and tavern in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, located in Morthal. A bed here costs 10 Gold for a night.


Jonna is the sister of Falion, both from Hammerfell. She and her brother have traveled together their whole lives, but when something drew Falion to Morthal, they both settled. The town was without an inn at the time, so Jonna modified one of the homes.

She doesn't get a lot of business, but she does appreciate visitors who stop by and can stand Lurbuk's ballads.

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  • The logo of the inn appears to be Sentinel's crest with the moon at the right.
  • Moorside Inn is unique in that it has virtually no customers loitering within, unlike most other inns across Skyrim. Because of this, the innkeeper says that business "just ain't here at all" and that the front door doesn't get much use.


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  •  360   PS3   The second room on the left after entering contains an unowned bed and dresser. The bed can be slept in without paying for the night.