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"When the High King dies, the Jarls of Skyrim convene a Moot to elect a new High King."
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A Moot is a meeting of representatives from each Hold of Skyrim that typically takes place when the High King dies.

Its purpose is to choose the next High King from qualified members of the royal family or in the event where no direct heir to the throne exists a Jarl may be chosen.[1][2]


It was originally created in 1E 221 after the exceptionally long reign of King Harald, who died at 108 years of age and outlived all but three of his sons. Over the years, however, the Moot became permanent and acquired an increasing amount of power. By the reign of King Borgas, the last of the Ysgramor Dynasty, the Moot had become partisan and ineffective.[1]

After the murder of King Borgas by the Wild Hunt, the Moot's failure to appoint Jarl Hanse of Winterhold sparked the disastrous War of Succession, during which Skyrim lost control of its territories in High Rock, Morrowind, and Cyrodiil, never to regain them.[1]

The war was finally concluded in 1E 420 with the Pact of Chieftans; henceforth, the Moot was convened only when a King died without direct heirs.[1]

One source claims that this type of Moot is more of a formality and theater than an actual meeting to choose a king, only because in recent times the High Kings have sworn fealty to the Emperor. Since Solitude is the city most directly influenced by Imperial culture and politics, the Jarl of Solitude has served as High King for generations.[2]

Fourth EraEdit

In the intervening millennium, the Moot had only been called upon three times when the throne was in dispute, and succession has never been decided on the field of battle—even when Skyrim became part of the Empire.

When High King Istlod of Solitude died, a moot was convened to name his son and legitimate heir Torygg as the next High King,[3] despite the fact that Torygg held the right to the position regardless.[1]

However, in 4E 201, High King Torygg was killed by Ulfric Stormcloak in a challenge to the throne. This event worsened the civil war waging in Skyrim.

During the Civil War in Skyrim, the Jarls demanded the Moot to meet.[4] Ulfric, however, would not allow it, because he did not want to risk Elisif becoming High Queen.[4][5]


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