Morgiah is a Dunmer princess then a queen in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

Background[edit | edit source]

Morgiah is the second child of Queen Barenziah and King Symmachus.[1] After the chaos that occurred in Mournhold, Barenziah travelled to the Imperial City, where she met with an old family friend, King Eadwyre. He convinced her to move to Wayrest, later becoming the queen of the High Rock city, and in the process, making Morgiah the princess.[2]

Morgiah was born in 3E 384, eight years after Helseth, and was named after her paternal grandmother.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Marriage[edit | edit source]

Much later in life, Morgiah marries King Reman Karoodil of Firsthold,[2] and moves to Firsthold with him. She then proceeded to have two children by him, Goranthir, and Rinnala. About these children is said that, although they are half-Altmer, they "are fully Dunmer in appearance."[3]

Firsthold[edit | edit source]

She spent a number of years in Firsthold with her husband. There was much resentment at the time from several Altmer, led by Lady Gialene. Morgiah, however, was able to successfully stop this uprising.[4]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Morgiah's Wedding[edit | edit source]

The Hero of Daggerfall must deliver Morgiah's letter to Mannimarco and return his reply letter to her.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Morgiah's Wedding

"You're trying to track down that letter of the Emperor's, yes? There are very few scandals in the Bay of which I am totally ignorant. I could give you some information, but nothing is without a price, that I know well. I need a champion who does fear the fire of Oblivion. Are you interested?"

Yes "By the Northern Sea, that is a relief to me. Do not ask any questions -- get this letter to a certain high level sorcerer at the Necromancers' crypt, Scourg Barrow in the Dragontail Mountains. Avoid the rift. If you see it, you have gone too far. They will not be expecting you and will not wait for any introductions. The necromancers feel that death is a reward for the living, not a punishment. Once you have delivered the letter, they would feel no need to gaurantee your safety. It is their way. I need the letter delivered and a response from King of Worms in my hand one month from now at the absolute latest. The risks are very high, Agent (Player name), please do not fail."
No "[?]"

Upon returning from the King of Worms:

"It's done! I'll be queen of Firsthold! Although I'm sure the engagement will be quite lengthy. Now, I promised you information about the Emperor's letter. The letter you seek is in the hands of Gortwog, the Warlord of the Orcs. He bought it from the thieves guild of Daggerfall after one of their number stole it from Queen Aubk-i. I confess I don't know why the Emperor sent it to Aubk-i. The girl is innocent to a fault, and everyone knows that Gothryd is not the loyal empire toady that Lysandus was. Of course my own family...well enough of this boring court gossip. If you really want to find this letter, you should get in good with Mynisera, the former queen of Daggerfall, and Queen Mother to Gothryd. I wouldn't directly approach her. Start with someone of lower station."

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