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Morihatha Septim (3E 288–3E 339) was the nineteenth ruler of the Empire of Tamriel.

Morihatha was the daughter of Uriel Septim V and the sister of Uriel Septim VI. She reigned over Tamriel for nineteen years, having ascended to the throne in 3E 317 upon the death of her half-brother Emperor Uriel Septim VI.[1] She continued her brother's work of taking control of the Elder Council, through bribing and bullying the last few members of the Council her brother had not yet reached.

She is responsible for bringing the Archmagister of Skyrim to the Imperial City, and creating the second ever Imperial Battlemage position since Tiber Septim's rule. The state of the Empire had been growing discordant, with many open wars and rebellions running unchecked since the time of her grandfather, Cephorus II. Through calculated strategy, she slowly won back the rebellious vassals, always ensuring never to overextend herself.

Her military campaign was extremely decorated and successful, although their slow pace often frustrated the the council. Thusly, she was assassinated in 3E 339 in a plot conceived by the treacherous Argonian Elder Council member, Thoricles Romus who was furious at her refusal to send troops to the rebellious Black Marsh. She was succeeded by her nephew Pelagius Septim IV.

Although he protested his innocence, Thoricles Romus was tried and found guilty of the assassination and was executed in 3E 339. Though she was married to Baron Ulfe Gersen of Winterhold prior to her ascension to the throne, Morihatha had no children and her sister, Eloisa Septim, had died only four years prior of a fever. Thus her nephew, Pelagius Septim IV, was crowned Emperor at age 25.


Empress of Tamriel
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