A statue of Morihaus depicted as a man in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

"She is like this shine on my nose-hoop here: an accident sometimes, but whenever I move my head at night, she is there. And so you know what you ask is impossible."

Morihaus, also known as Morihaus-Breath-of-Kyne,[1] the Winged Bull,[2] or Mor,[3] was a demiprince[UL 1] or a demigod[4] with the appearance of a winged minotaur.[3][5] Morihaus is a cultural hero-god of the Imperials due to his role in the Alessian Rebellion. Legend portrays him as the Taker of the Citadel, an act of mythic times that established Human control over the Nibenay Valley.[6] Famous Khajiiti artist Cherim created a tapestry depicting Morihaus and an army of rebels battling the Ayleids at the White-Gold Tower.[7] Morihaus is often associated with the Nordic powers of Thu'um [6] and therefore with Kynareth and speculated to be actual offspring of Kyne,[3][8][9] although this statement is not necessarily literal due to Kyne being a god.

Morihaus was Alessia's lover during the uprising against the Ayleid slavers,[1][3][5] and sired a son with her known as Belharza the Man-Bull.[UL 2][8]

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