Morkul Clan is a faction and Orsimer clan that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online and Orsinium. The Morkul Orcs in Bangkorai intend to exact revenge for what the Bretons and Redguards did to Orsinium.

The Morkul Clan used to practice a form of blood magic using their forge and a hammer known as the Hand of Morkul with Mephala's encouragement.[1][2][3] They killed individuals and used their blood in their forge.[4] Eventually, an Altmer became entranced with the power of the forge. Intending to use the blood of the Ehlnofey, he killed most of the clan with the forge. He himself was plunged into the forge by an Orc named Gharakul, and the forge was hidden until the Vestige found it.[5]

The are rather secretive about their history, and appeared before Old Orsinium did. They disappeared several centuries after the fall of Orsinium, and then later reappeared.[6]

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