"Close ranks. Let nothing through!"
―When summoned[src]

Morkul Gatekeeper is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


  • Morkul Gatekeeper can be acquired by purchasing core set packs or by soul summoning it for 50 soul gems.
  • One copy of Morkul Gatekeeper can be obtained by purchasing the Hlaalu Schemes theme deck.
  • Three copies of Morkul Gatekeeper can be obtained by purchasing the Aela's Companions theme deck.


Morkul Gatekeeper is frequently seen in Orc decks, but can be effective in almost any deck. Its low cost makes it easy to play early in the game, and its +2/+0 summoning boost can be used to bolster any card in play. This card is useful for taking out fairly tough opponents in the early game, and its Prophecy keyword make it a valuable asset when the player is being attacked.


  • "Honor and blood!" – Attacking



  • Playing the Morkul Gatekeeper applies the "Lower the Gates" effect.


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