The converse of immortals, mortals are races of creatures, Mer, Men, Beastfolk and other races that reside in the plane of Nirn. In speaking, and in lore, the term mortal usually means a civilized mortal race, over those of beasts, creatures, and other uncivilized races. Immortals are thought to include Deities, Aedra, and Daedric Princes, although their true immortality is debated.

Origin of MortalsEdit

According to lore, the origin of mortals starts first during the Dawn Era, the time of the Et'Ada. Anu and Padomay's interactions caused the formation of other beings in the Void. After the first of these beings, Akatosh brought time into existence, these "divines" were able to form distinct personalities and inhabit the many planes created through Anu and Padomay's conflicts of order and chaos. One of these beings, Lorkhan proposed a plan to the other et'Ada, to create a mortal plane of existence of their own design, in which they could create and influence mortal beings.[1]

As the Et'Ada created this plane, they realized that Lorkhan's proposal resulted in each of them giving up portions of their divinity as they created. As the Et'Ada were not eternal, the energies they exerted in the creation of Nirn pulled parts of themselves into the plane, diminishing their immortality. (In some races' views this was a purposeful trickery by Lorkhan, as he was aware of this resulting in their loss of true divinity.)[2][3]

Upon this realization, many of the Et'Ada fled this mortal realm to avoid surrendering their immortality, and returned to their various planes. One group of these beings, however, fully surrendered their divinity, and formed the Ehlnofey. This now mortal race began to procreate in the physical sense, and eventually diverged into the mortal races of the Mythic Era.[4]

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