Morthal Cemetery is a small cemetery located in Morthal just behind the burnt house owned by Hroggar.


Helgi has been buried here after she perished during the blaze and her grave will be uncovered during the quest "Laid to Rest." At one point in the quest, she will make an appearance at the graveyard.

This is also where Laelette the Vampire will be confronted during the quest. Too small for a Hall of the Dead, Morthal makes do with a more traditional Nordic graveyard to the west of town. Odd noises have been heard during the night there.


Laid to RestEdit

The Dragonborn is asked to investigate a burned house in Morthal. When asked about the burned down house, the Jarl will indicate that the house had once belonged to Hroggar and that one night the house had burned down while he was away. Unfortunately, Hroggar's wife and daughter, Helgi, had perished in the blaze and rumors around town cite that Hroggar had set the blaze himself so that he could be with another woman, Alva. The Jarl wishes to know what really happened, accident or murder.


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