"You'll find the glacier in the northwest part of Solstheim. Very little lives in the area, and it is said that the glacier itself is haunted by evil spirits."
Bronrod the Roarer BM [src]

Mortrag Glacier is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.


It is a vast glacier located in the northwest corner of Solstheim. Barren and featureless, made of large broken blocks of ice. The glacier hides a secret, inside, Hircine's mazelike hunting grounds can be found. The glacier is inaccessible until the final Bloodmoon main quest, "Hircine's Hunt."

Hircine's huntEdit

During "Hircine's Hunt," Hircine takes the Nerevarine and the strongest warriors from Solstheim. The Nerevarine will need to navigate through the Glacier's Outer and Inner Rings, and the hordes of werewolf called Hound of Hircine therein, to reach the Huntsman's Hall at the center for the final fight.

Mortag glacier's destructionEdit

When the Nerevarine defeats Hircine's aspect, the entire Mortrag Glacier collapsed, caving in on the hunting grounds with many parts falling into the sea. The glacier may have been held in place by Hircine's power.


Mortrag Glacier, EntryEdit

Mortrag Glacier, Outer RingEdit

Mortrag Glacier, Inner RingEdit

Mortrag Glacier, Huntsman's HallEdit


Hircine's HuntEdit

Hircine's Hunt is the final main quest of Bloodmoon, which is different depending if the Nerevarine is a werewolf or not.





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