A shrine to Morwha in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard.

Morwha, the Teat God, is a Yokudan fertility goddess parallel to Mara.[1][2] She is the favorite of Tall Papa's wives, and one of the central deities in the Redguard Pantheon. She is still worshipped in various areas of Hammerfell, including Stros M'kai.[3] In all depictions of Morwha, she has four arms so that she can "grab more husbands."[1][2] The Imperial god Arkay is associated with Morwha in terms of being able to heal worshippers.[4]

A conservatorium in her honor existed in Hegathe as late as 1E 2920, as Queen Rijja's sister, Corda, was an initiate in this conservatorium.[5]

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  • Morwha's appearance bears some similarity to the venus figurines of paleolothic human history; both are associated with fertility.

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