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*Assortment of Potions (on top of pilliar)
*Assortment of Potions (on top of pilliar)
[[Category:Skyrim: Winterhold Hold Locations]]
[[Category:Skyrim: Winterhold Hold Locations]]
[[Category:Skyrim: Unmarked Locations]]

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At the top of Mount Anthor, accessed via some climbing from Mount Anthor, is a small Dwarven monument. Very little is known about it's origin. Closer inspection reveals two Ice Wraiths surrounding the monument.

Nearby locations

If you make your way down the mountain via the direction of the Dwarven faceplate, you will come across a door barred from the inside, with a chest just outside the door. This door is an exit from the nearby Ironbind Barrow, which is just north of Nightgate Inn.

Noteable items

  • Chest
  • Mineable ore (Quicksilver)
  • Assortment of Potions (on top of pilliar)
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