At the top of Mount Anthor, accessed via some climbing from Mount Anthor, is a small Dwarven monument. Very little is known about its origin. Closer inspection reveals two Ice Wraiths surrounding the monument. Some minor items (leather, charcoal) can be found scattered around the monument.

Upon first reaching the Dwemer monument/shrine, the Ice wraiths will stay hidden until you walk in front of the face on the shrine, where a magic Dwemer Warhammer rests against. Once there, the Ice wraiths will pop out of the snow bank and start attacking you (Note: to grab the hammer before the battle begins, or else the wraths will knock it over the side of the mountain, never to be seen again).

There are two Dwemer Chests here with one notable item: Amulet of Dibella (+15 speechcraft), along with a few lesser items.

Atop the shrine itself, and a bit hard to reach, rests sevin Potions. It is advised to use Telekinesis to retreive them. Any other means to gain them (Shouts, Destruction Magic and Arrows) may cause them to fall down the side of the mountain, or fall into/under a snowbank, rendering them unreachable.

All item, including the Ice wraiths respawn regularly, with the exception of the the hammer, leather and charcoal.

Nearby locations

If you make your way down the mountain via the direction of the Dwarven faceplate, you will come across a door barred from the inside, with a chest just outside the door. This door is an exit from the nearby Ironbind Barrow, which is just north of Nightgate Inn.

Directly south of the shrine, slightly down the mountain, there is an outcrop with a worn and aged flag stuck into it. This is notable due to the fact that it has an Ebony Helmet and an Ebony Weapon placed next to it that respawn fairly regularly. There is also a satchel and a Silver Ore Vein there as well.

Directly East Southeast, is the perch where a Red Ancient Dragon prefers to sleep above the Word Wall (for Iceform) at Mount Anthor. Between the Shrine and the Dragon, the is a vein or Moonstone Ore.

Noteable items


  • Occasionally upon returning, after the Ice wraiths respawn, they will be partially stuck inside the snow banks. If you wish to loot their remains after killing them, you need to knock them out with a hand weapon before killing them. Otherwise, they will die under the bank/physical map, and will be unable to loot.
  • If the Potions atop the shrine fall on the snow, there is a chance that they will fall under ther snowbanks rendering them ungettable until they respawn again.
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