Mount Kand is a high mountain in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


It is located in the Molag Amur region of Vvardenfell. It is known for its pilgrims, Tribunal Temple members, who make journeys to the shrine of Mount Kand. Nchurdamz, an ancient Dwemer ruin, is located on this mountain.


In old times, it was called Mountain of Fear.[1] Inside Mount Kand's Cavern a shrine marks the location where Vivec defeated three Daedras in a battle of wit.[2]



The skeleton of Linus Iulus lies on top of the mountain.


Tribunal TempleEdit

Pilgrimage to Mount KandEdit

The Nerevarine must accomplish the pilgrimage to the shrine of Mount Kand.

Imperial CultEdit

The Silver Staff of ShamingEdit

The shrine sergeant Kaye in Ebonheart asks the Nerevarine to locate the remains of a long ago disappeared acolyte who according to a dream of the cult's oracle, Lalatia Varian, can be found in the shadow of Mount Kand.

Mages GuildEdit

Staff of MagnusEdit

The Nerevarine must retrieve the staff of Magnus.




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