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Movarth Piquine is a master vampire first mentioned in the book Immortal Blood. He later became the leader of a coven in Skyrim, of which Alva and Laelette were members, and functions as the main antagonist during the quest "Laid to Rest."


Formerly, Movarth was a Hand-to-Hand trainer in the Fighters Guild, as detailed by the book Immortal Blood. By the time of his vampiric infection, Movarth was an accomplished vampire hunter. He had killed vampires in the Volkihar Clan, as well as those of the Keerilth of Valenwood.

While recovering there, Movarth inquired about the types of vampires around Tamriel. The priest in the chapel told him about the different vampire tribes. Thenceforward, he pledged to destroy each tribe, bringing back any vampire-hunting knowledge he acquired in his quest for the priest. His quest was cut short when the priest revealed his vampiric nature and attacked Movarth, turning him into a vampire.[1]


Laid to Rest[]

By the Fourth Era, Movarth settled in Skyrim and attempted to mastermind a hostile take over of Morthal. His intention was to use a local Nord woman named Alva to seduce the guards and turn them one by one into thralls. Following this, he planned to wrangle up the townsfolk and exploit them as cattle. The Dragonborn learns of these plans upon reading Alva's Journal and raids Movarth's Lair, slaying all vampire occupants.


  • Movarth's Boots can be found inside Movarth's Lair. They are found alongside a large collection of different boots next to what is presumably Movarth's bed.
  • If killed, Movarth respawns along with the rest of the dungeon every few in-game days.
  • Although his race is radiant, his name is that of a Breton.
  • If the Dawnguard DLC is installed and activated, then Movarth's appearance will no longer be randomly generated, but will instead be the same at all times. Movarth will also be wearing the Vampire Armor and the subsequent Vampire Boots.