Template:Infobox SkyrimNPC Template:Image Movarth was a successful vampire hunter who one day showed up at a chapel. While recovering there, Movarth inquired about the types of vampires around tamriel. The man from the chapel told him about the different tribes and Movarth had successfully killed each vampire of the many tribes, after which he would bring back additional knowledge he learned out in the field. His latest inquiry, which was about the cyrodiilic tribe, would be his last as the priest turned out to be such a creature and attacked Movarth. His encounter with the priest is written down in the book Immortal Blood.

In Skyrim, it is revealed that Movarth was turned and is also a 'Master Vampire', one that is over a few centuries old. He attempted to mastermind a hostile take over of Morthal during the quest laid to rest. His intention was to use his progeny Alva to seduce the townfolk and turn some of them, while using the rest as cattle. The player learns of these plans when they read Alva's journal during the quest "Laid to Rest".

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