"I am a student here. At the school. I want to learn to read."
―Movis Darys[src]

Movis Darys is a Dunmer member of the Dark Brotherhood who operated out of the town of Ald'ruhn, where he posed as a Mages Guild student. He later abandons the Brotherhood in favor of the Morag Tong, which Darys feels is more honorable.


Ultimatum for Movis DarysEdit

Movis is given the option to either join the Morag Tong or be killed by the Nerevarine.


Movis uses or carries the following:


Movis uses the following:




Ultimatum for Movis Darys

join the Morag Tong "Morag Tong? But I'm just a simple peasant. What do I know about killing and all that?"

We know who you are. If you do not join, I will give you an honorable death. "If you know, then it is over... I swore an oath to the Dark Brotherhood, but I have learned that their ways not as honorable as the Morag Tong. All I can promise is that I will speak with Eno Hlaalu. If that is enough, report to him. If not, I will test your skill. Take this belt as a sign of my good faith."
join the Morag Tong "I will speak with Eno Hlaalu if you let me live. Your move, Nerevarine (Player name)."
Nevermind. "Had me worried there. Must be a mistake, eh?"


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