Mudcrab Pests is a House Redoran quest potentially undertaken by the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Neminda told me to speak with Drulene Falen. Mudcrabs have been bothering Drulene's guar.


When speaking to Neminda in Ald'ruhn about duties, she will say that a Redoran member's guar herd has been recently attacked. Drulene Falen, owner of the small herd, has said that the culprits of the attack were mudcrabs and she needs them to be removed.

Dealing with the pestsEdit

Falen's hut is located quite a bit west of Ald'ruhn, near to the coast at the point where West Gash region and the swamp marshes meet. Once there, Falen will say that a pair mudcrabs dragged one of her guars southwest and she needs the Nerevarine to dispose of them. A dead guar can be found to the southwest, guarded by the pair of hostile mudcrabs. The Nerevarine must kill the two mudcrabs before returning to Falen in order to tell her the good news.

The Nerevarine's quest will be completed once they have spoken to Neminda back in Ald'ruhn.


Mudcrab Pests – HR_MudcrabNest
IDJournal Entry
10Neminda told me to speak with Drulene Falen. Mudcrabs have been bothering Drulene's guar.
  • Quest accepted
20I was told that to get to Drulene Falen's herd, I should take the road to Gnisis, take the left fork as soon as I enter the hills, then take the next fork to the right. Drulene is almost due west of Ald'ruhn.
30Drulene Falen told me that some mudcrabs killed one of her guar and dragged it southwest towards the coast.
40Drulene Falen thanked me for killing the mudcrabs. I should report back to Neminda.
100I killed the mudcrabs that were bothering Drulene Falen's guar.
  • Quest complete
 200 I told Neminda that Drulene Falen was dead.
  • Quest complete


  • If Falen dies before the quest, disposition with House Redoran will be lost.
    • If she dies during the quest, the Nerevarine will be expelled from Redoran.
  • This quest can be completed by non-Redoran members.
  • The quest will be immediately finished if the Nerevarine has previously killed the mudcrabs before speaking to Neminda.

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