Mul gro-Largash is an Orsimer miner who can be found mining in Gloombound Mine in Narzulbur.


He left Largashbur with his brother, Gadba. Their plan is to get rich from mining, then go back to Largashbur and take over. Gadba and Mul can be overheard discussing over who will be the Chief afterwords.

He is the smarter one of the two brothers, as Gadba himself points out.


The only real interaction with Mul is if the Dragonborn kills his brother, Gadba. He will send three hired thugs after the Dragonborn, each with at least 100 GoldIcon on them, armor, and a contract.


  • "Gadba and me came to work the mine. The plan is to get rich and then go back to Largashbur and take over!"


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