"There are many different kinds of Khajiit; Pahmars, Dagis, Senches. Each has a certain form to suit a certain purpose. And all furstocks are granted due respect, regardless of size or shape."

Munili is a Khajiit residing in Rimmen.


  • "Certain furstocks don't tend to venture out of Elsweyr much. Alfiqes are constantly talked down to, given their small size. Senche-rahts are mistaken for beasts, and may be attacked. It is a sadness that the rest of Tamriel is so ignorant."
  • "The Khajiit don't tend to discriminate against different furstocks, but we are practical. A little Alfiq is less likely to be hired as a laborer than, say, a nice big Pahmar. And you won't find many Senche-raht carpenters—no thumbs, you see?"


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