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Not to be confused with Murkwood.

Murkmire is an upcoming region in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is located along the south-central coast of Black Marsh, around the city-state of Lilmoth. The region will have different breeds of Argonian and different creatures, including the little-known Naga.[1] It will be released as part of its own DLC in the fourth quarter of 2018.






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  • Murkmire had undergone various changes. Originally announced as an Adventure Zone (i.e. Craglorn), but was changed to a regular zone. Sometime later, its location was changed from being the western region directly south of Shadowfen, surrounding Gideon, to the far south around Lilmoth.
  • Murkmire takes inspiration from "An Elder Scrolls Novel: The Infernal City" by including locations such as Ixtaxh-thtithil-meht. Lilmoth is a centralized location in the first part of the novel.
  • According to datamining, it will be about the same size as Clockwork City.



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