Murudius Flaeus' Debt is a House Hlaalu quest, in the Hlaalu Canton in Vivec, during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Edryno Arethi.
  2. Head to Hla Oad.
  3. Return to Edryno Arethi.

Detailed walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Once the Nerevarine has completed the delivery of the Treasury Report for Edryno Arethi, he will task them with collecting the 800 Gold owed by Murudius Flaeus.

Flaeus' Debt[edit | edit source]

Flaeus resides in the town of Hla Oad (on the shores of the Bitter Coast region, south of Balmora), inside his home in the town. By asking citizens around town of him, the Nerevarine will discover that Flaeus has a "hidden" chest within the town, which can be unlocked to obtain the money owed. An alternative to this is to speak to Flaeus, whom, if his disposition is above 90, may give the Nerevarine the key to his chest.

Once either method has been pursued, the Nerevarine must return to Arethi to complete the quest. Arethi will take 400 Gold to cover the debt, allowing the Nerevarine to keep whatever is left.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Murudius Flaeus' Debt – HH_BuriedTreasure
ID Journal Entry
10 Edryno Arethi told me that Murudius Flaeus owes a Hlaalu noble over 800 gold. I must get the 800 gold from Murudius Flaeus in Hla Oad and return it to Edryno Arethi.
  • Quest accepted
50 Murudius Flaeus told me he keeps the money in a chest under Fadila's house. He gave me the key to the chest.
100 Edryno Arethi thanked me for getting the 800 gold from Murudius Flaeus.
  • Quest complete
110 Edryno Arethi thanked me for killing Murudius Flaeus as an example for others.
  • Quest complete

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Nerevarine can still obtain this quest, even if they did not join House Hlaalu.
    • The quest can be completed just by giving Arethi 400 Gold.
  • The full amount of money in Flaeus' chest comes to 943 Gold.
  • If the Nerevarine kills Flaeus then Arethi will tell the Nerevarine to forget the task, hence allowing them to keep all of the money in his chest.

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