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The Museum of Artifacts is a location found in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal.


It is located in Godsreach, in the city of Mournhold. It is run and maintained by Torasa Aram, who will buy most artifacts from the Nerevarine. The Museum showcases all kinds of mythical artifacts. The Nerevarine can potentially make large amounts of money here by selling to the museum, the artifacts they found during their travels. The artifacts sold to Torasa Aram will appear in the museum's exhibit.


The Museum

Help the Museum by finding precious artifacts and get paid handsomely for your troubles.

The Blade of Nerevar

The Nerevarine must donate two artifacts to the museum to receive of one of the parts of a legendary sword.



  • Torasa Aram will only pay half of the artifact's worth in gold, it is mor lucrative to sell artifacts to the Mudcrab Merchant or to Creeper, who are two merchants who can potentially pay you the whole amount of the items price. However, since all the artifacts you sell to Torasa, will appear exposed in the museum's exhibit, which can be exploited to make more gold: Selling her an artifact, stealing it back and selling it to one of the aforementioned merchants will pay one and a half the amount of gold of one artifact's worth.


  • During the main quest of Tribunal, it is required to give two artifacts to Torasa. Therefore, if everything the Nerevarine owns was previously sold, it is impossible to finish the main quest.


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