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Mystery of the Dwarves is a quest given by Trebonius Artorius to the Nerevarine to discover the reason behind the disappearance of the Dwemer during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Trebonius Artorius.
  2. Complete all of Edwinna Elbert's quests, making sure in the last three to pick up three books:
    1. Hanging Gardens
    2. Divine Metaphysics
    3. The Egg of Time
  3. Show them to Edwinna Elbert.
  4. Show them to Hasphat Antabolis at Balmora Fighters Guild.
  5. Show them to Baladas Demnevanni in Gnisis
  6. (Alternatively) Show them to Yagrum Bagarn at The Tel Fyr Corprusarium.
  7. Return to Trebonius Artorius.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Upon talking to Trebonius Artorius for mages guild quests, he will tell the player to find out what happened to the dwarves. He probably did not expect the player to actually succeed at this, as it seems an impossible task, but it is possible to do it if the player picks up the right items in other mages guild quests.

The player will need to find three books, which can all be found while doing quests for Edwinna Elbert.

The first book is called Hanging Gardens. It is found on a desk in the lower levels of Nchuleftingth, which is accessed during the quest "Nchuleftingth Expedition."

The second book is Divine Metaphysics, which is located in Bethamez. It is on a table next to the entrence, along with the Dwemer Airship Plans. Bethamez can be accessed through the Gnisis Eggmine. It is part of the quest "Bethamez."

The final book is The Egg of Time. It is located in Mzuleft, which is accessed in the quest "Scarab Plans in Mzuleft."

Upon showing any of these books to Edwinna Elbert, she will tell the player that she is unable to read Dwemeris, and will tell the player to seek out Hasphat Antabolis in the Balmora fighters guild. However, Hasphat is also unable to help you, though he will inform you that there might be wizards among the Telvanni who are capable of deciphering the text. However, he will not refer you to a specific Telvanni.

The Telvanni he is talking about is Baladas Demnevanni in Gnisis. Upon being shown all three of the books, Baladas will translate them for the player, giving them the information Trebonius requested.

Alternatively, the player may take the books to Yagrum Bagarn in the Corprusarium in Tel Fyr. Yagrum Bagarn will only require Divine Metaphysics and The Egg of Time, so if the player missed out on Hanging Gardens, this is the way to go.

Upon returning to Trebonius, he will congratulate the player for completing a task he thought was impossible.


Mystery of the Dwarves
Arch-Mage Trebonius asked me to find out what happened to the Dwarves. Unfortunately, he didn't give me much information to go on. I'm not sure if he was serious.
  • Quest accepted
I was able to get the Dwemer books "The Egg of Time" and "Divine Metaphysics Adapted to the Meanest of Intellects" translated. "Divine Metaphysics" seems to be a treatise explaining how to create a new god through sorcery. "The Egg of Time" seems to be a refutation of the idea that linking to a divine source of power can be dangerous if interrupted. Though "The Egg of Time" refutes this idea, perhaps the author was wrong, and this is what happened to the Dwarves.
Arch-Mage Trebonius was pleased when I showed him the three Dwemer books. He said this was sufficient and thanked me for solving the mystery of the disappearance of the Dwarves.
  • Quest complete

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