The Mystic Emporium is a shop found in the Market District. The store is run by an Altmer, Calindil. Calindil sells mainly soul gems, scrolls and spells. The Hands of the Atronach can be purchased here.

If people in the Market District are asked about rumors, they sometimes say "Calindil runs a nice place at the Mystic Emporium."

Wizard's Tower add-onEdit

The Wizard's Tower add-on brings Aurelinwae, who sells alchemy supplies, potions, soul gems and spells, and recharges enchanted items, for a fee. She also sells furnishings for Frostcrag Spire.



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  • With the addition of the content that adds Frostcrag Spire, the door to Mystic Emporium shuts permanently. The lock can be picked or an open hard lock spell can be used to open the door (which can be gotten for once a day use from the Tower Stone). Using a spell avoids the possibility of incurring a bounty. The items inside the building may be free for the taking.
    • Fix: This is brought on by the Fighter's Stronghold add-on, and, for some reason, the ownership is switched, preventing the store clerks from unlocking the door. The door to the shop is locked every night at eight PM. One way to avoid this is when first starting after installing Fighter's Stronghold, go to the shop first thing and the door will still be unlocked. To keep it that way, pick the lock to the Private Quarters (once the front door has been locked this method might not work at all). If this doesn't work, unlock the front door (don't let anyone see it) and steal the key from the owner. After that, it will remain unlocked (sometimes it will say "Locked" after the key has been used on it, but the door will actually remain unlocked).