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Mythic Dawn Robes are an item of enchanted clothing. The outfit is a rare set of robes worn by the Mythic Dawn.


A set of Mythic Dawn robes, along with their boots and gloves can be found in Silus Vesuius's House in Dawnstar as well as the full set of Mythic Dawn Commentaries and a page from the Mysterium Xarxes.

Silus Vesius also wears a full set of Mythic Dawn robes. These can be obtained during "Pieces of the Past" if the Dragonborn chooses to kill Silus.

Inside the display case there are two different robes, one hooded (on the left) and one not (on the right) which may be stolen.

A total of three can be obtained.

Name ArmorIcon WeightIcon GoldIcon Effect
Mythic Dawn Robes 0 2 75 Magicka regenerates 75% faster.
Mythic Dawn Gloves 0 1 25 None
Mythic Dawn Boots 0 1 15 None



This section contains bugs related to Mythic Dawn Robes (Skyrim). Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  • If the hooded robe is worn with any of the Dragon Priest Masks, the Dragonborn's head will not appear, similar to the Archmage's Robes.
  •  PC   360   PS3   If the Mythic Dawn set is marked as "Stolen," selling them to a fence may not remove the label, and the item names will remain red.
  •  360   The Mythic Dawn Outfit can be duplicated by means of an unpatched bug, on an unused mannequin.


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