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*[[Arniel's Endeavor]]
*[[Arniel's Endeavor]]
*[[Dark Brotherhood]] side quest: [[Contract: Kill Maluril]]
*[[Dark Brotherhood]] side quest: [[Contract: Kill Maluril]]

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Mzinchaleft is a Dwemer ruin located south-west of Dawnstar in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is involved in both a Dark Brotherhood quest, as well as two miscellaneous side-quests acquired in Falkreath and Riften. The Gatehouse of Mzinchaleft houses an entrance to Blackreach. It is accessible through the main quest.


Mzinchaleft shows the ancient struggle between the Dwemer and Falmer; and how the Falmer now lurk in their former master's ruins, still killing off Dwarven sentinels and constantly preparing for their war against the light dwellers.



The outer level of Mzinchaleft consists of Bandits, who have taken up residence finding artifacts for their benefactor, who is only paying per item.

After that, the Dragonborn faces Dwarven sentinels. Dwarven Spiders and Spheres are encountered on the first level. The Mzinchaleft depths consist of several Falmer, two Chaurus, and one Falmer Gloomlurker.

To get to the final room, a series of levers must be toggled in order to enter. This puzzle is made much easier using Slow Time Dragon Shout, to run past the moving bars.

In the final room, the Mzinchaleft Gatehouse (which also contains the passage to Blackreach), the player is required to fight a Dwarven Centurion (leveled) and a Dwarven Sphere. At which point, without the required quest item, the player may only return to the surface via a lift directly to Skyrim. Here they can pull a lever to permanently unlock this quick route for future use.


Dwarven and Falmer artifacts are extremely heavy, and so it is recommended to clear the dungeon and then return to finish looting by the quick access lift made available via the Gatehouse.

The Dwarven Spiders and Dwarven Sphere Guardians are treasure troves for soul gems, Dwarven Oil, gems and Dwemer mechanical parts. They are also known to drop Dwemer Cogs, which are a related quest item.

On the exterior is a Mzinchaleft Work Order and the interior holds Maluril's Journal. The journal is behind the locked door which will be found directly after receiving Maluril's Key from a Bandit.

The ground floor water in the depths provides access to submerged dungeons just past the staircase on the South East side of the room. A table is viewed in the first room, with Dwarven Oil. There are two chests in the cell to the left, one small chest on the left containing a Siver Amethyst Ring and Necklace of Minor Smithing and one larger chest on the right containing Gold, Garnet, Silver Garnet Ring, Hide Boots and Dwarven Oil. To the top right of the stairs, where the Centurion Grandmaster is encountered, there is additional loot.


  • Waterbreathing will help the Dragonborn when exploring this area
  • Treasure found beneath the green liquid varies
  • Mjoll the Lioness' sword, Grimsever, is found just before finding the exit lift in the final area. It is found to the right of the Dwarven Centurion, on a pedestal. It may be covered by a shield.
  • The unique Falmer armor set can be found at the top of a tower in the Mzinchaleft Depths behind a locked gate! It is found in the large room before the exit to the Gatehouse


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