Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls
Not to be confused with Lost City of the Na-Totambu or Totambu.

Na-Totambu was the original ruling class of the Redguards when they resided on Yokuda.[1] During the Merethic Era, the Na-Totambu warred a standstill to decide who would lead the charge against the Sinistral Elves.[2] The Na-Totambu, the government of Yokuda,[3] was transplanted whole (from Yokuda), together with their traditional system of agriculture and religion which was well suited to the unforgiving climate of the Redguards' new home.[3] The high domes, the flying dew sails, and the mosaic colophons were constructed over the old and new ruins of past civilizations.[3]

They retained the rights that they have received on the other continent, and eventually, they became known as the Crowns, for the acquiescence to Imperial laws.[1]