Naaril is an Altmer camping at the Fisherman's Isle.


Unsafe HavenEdit



Lord Gharesh-riEdit

"When I went to bed last night, I dreamed of a fully laden ship docking in the harbor. I thought it was a good omen.

Couldn't have been more wrong."

Have you seen Lord Gharesh-ri?
"He was wading through the swamp with a handful of soldiers. They looked greener than the water.

But good luck to the Cat Lord, I say."

Do you know where he was going?
"To the other end of the marsh. I've only seen the place from the Haven docks. Never thought I'd wade through it.

If you're headed after the Cat Lord, cross the marsh and make for the walls. I'd wager he's by the gate."

Can you tell me what happened in Haven?
"One moment I was nearly asleep, and the next I heard yelling. I looked outside and saw raiders with torches, so I leapt out the window and ran.

That's right. Completely nude, all the way here. The fisher-folk loaned me some clothes. Good of them."

What do you know about the marsh?
"Never seen it before this evening. I've sent apprentices there for alchemical supplies. Had I known it was crawling with hoarvor, I would've increased their stipends.

But not by much. You have to keep them in line."


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