"Brother Umurn is a strong warrior. I look forward to fighting him for chiefdom one day."


Nagrub is an Orsimer ranger residing in the stronghold of Dushnikh Yal.


He is the son of Chief Burguk and Arob, one of his wives. Arob was given the job of Hunts-Wife, having to provide food for the stronghold. She has adopted him as her apprentice, and he is now a hunter as well.

During waking hours, he usually patrols the stronghold, and at night he sleeps inside Burguk's Longhouse. In the future, he hopes to fight his brother Umurn and his father for the stronghold's leadership.


Patience in HuntingEdit

Nagrub: "Ah, the air is good today. I welcome the smell of blood from all the kills I will make."
Arob: "Patience, my son. The hunter days not welcome the blood of his prey, he waits for it."

The Smell of BeastsEdit

Arob: "The air has the smell of beasts. The hunt is good today."
Nagrub: "Yes, mother. I'm eager to prove my skills today."


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