Nahagliiv (NAhAGLIiV) was a dragon who served Alduin, the World-Eater. His name translates to "Fury Burn Wither."

After he was slain he was buried in a mound on a hill overlooking Rorikstead.


After being resurrected by Alduin, the Dragonborn can encounter him as he circles the village; he generally doesn't stray very far from his mound. Although he is one of the few Dragons identified by name, he does not play a pertinent part in the story.


As with several other Dragons, it's possible to witness Nahagliiv's resurrection if the Dragonborn visits his burial mound before Act II: Elder Knowledge begins. Like all resurrection, Alduin circles the mound and then speaks in Dragon Language to awaken Nahagliiv.

Interruption and unique dialogue

If the Dragonborn is fast enough, it's possible to interrupt Alduin and chase him away from the mound before he has a chance to complete the ritual. By doing this, the mound temporarily remains closed, but Nahagliiv will be awake. Demonstrating any shout near the mound, Nahagliiv speaks the following line of dialogue, "Speak, if you have ought to say worth the listening." Followers hearing this dialogue drop into a battle stance, although Nahagliiv is still buried.


  • After defeating him, his skeleton may sink into the ground, leaving only his head visible. This can be fixed by using the Staff of Zombies on him.
  •  360    PS3   Template:Pc If you find Alduin resurrecting him he will be outside of his mound, yet the mound is still closed., he will be a skeleton. If you attack Alduin he will leave and Nahagliiv will still be a skeleton when you fight him. After he dies his skin grows but is shortly burned off when you absorb his soul.
  • If attacked during resurrection he will get stuck in the ground. He will be unable to attack or fly. You can attack him and his health will go down but he will not die. His head will still follow you at zero health. Fix: Travel to somewhere then come back or wait 12 or more hours.
  • On rare occasions, Nahagliiv's body will follow the Dragonborn, spawning in random locations. This can be utilized as a random loot carrier/chest.
  • Nahagliiv's skeletal remains may never dissappear from where you killed him, on occasions falling from the sky when you fast travel to Rorikstead.
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